Wrinkled socks – Case #382

September 21, 2015


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Practical solutions to problems encountered in the manufacturing process that demonstrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce Right from the Start TM.

Problem: high percentage of wrinkles on the socks in production due to excessive application of neoprene adhesive and lack of drying time (they we pasting the socks to the insoles immediately after applying the adhesive).

case 382 pic 1 impactiva footwear qa case 382 pic 3 impactiva footwear qa case 382 pic 5 impactiva footwear qa

Impactiva solution: we got the factory to apply only one single coat of adhesive on the socks, let them dry for 40-60 seconds, and then paste to the insole. We taught the artisans to avoid glue spots on the lining while pasting and to paste edge to edge.

case 382 pic 11 impactiva footwear qa case 382 pic 7 impactiva footwear qa case 382 pic 8 impactiva footwear qa

Stay tuned for more Impactiva technical solutions to every day production problems.