Technical, Capacity & Lean Capabilities Audits

Navigate the complex world of supplier management with confidence, clarity, and control. The Technical, Capacity & Capabilities Audit service from Impactiva is designed to empower your business by accurately measuring the real capacity and efficiency of your partners, their capability to improve, and the potential impact on FOB cost.

Our approach is comprehensive, encompassing 221 specific criteria across two crucial areas – Technical and Lean Capabilities. This isn’t just a process; it’s a partnership. Our highly trained technical auditors, armed with industry-specific expertise, are your boots on the ground, traveling to your supplier’s locations to conduct an in-depth analysis and evaluation.

Every detail matters. Every insight counts. Our detailed Audit Report equips you with the necessary data to assess the production capacity, technical capability, quality, and reliability of your existing and potential suppliers.

Get the reliable data you need to elevate your supplier management strategy and drive your business forward.

Recent Audit results from 50 Asian factories:

56% Average Efficiency (85% is considered high performance in our industry)

4% Average Potential Quick FOB Savings

Inside the Audit Report:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of Technical level and Lean capabilities

  • In-depth Assessment Scores across 11 pre-defined categories

  • Potential efficiency improvements quantified, showing the tangible impact on FOB costs (assuming factory engages in PO initiatives)

  • Real versus estimated production capacity and cut-to-ship ratio

  • Critical Issues and Alerts highlighted for immediate action

  • A factory rating system based on the % of overall scores

  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) follow up and re-Audit plan scheduled for continuous improvement


  • Our exhaustive audits cover 11 categories with 65 sub-categories and +200 specific criteria, such as incoming goods control for technical scoring or Line Balancing or 5S for lean scoring.

  • Impactiva’s Factory Audits are not just about identifying risks but also about discovering opportunities.

  • With the insights you gain, you will be equipped to manage supplier risk, assess real capacity, quality compliance, and skill level of your suppliers.

  • Our Audits empower you to forge strategic partnerships with higher-performing, cost-saving manufacturers.

Benefits of Impactiva’s Technical, Capacity & Lean Capabilities Audit:

  • Brand Equity: Protect and elevate your brand by eliminating poor quality that can damage customer relationships.

  • Knowledge & Insight: Grade each factory on a sliding scale of reliability based on precise, data-driven capacity & capabilities.

  • Speed & Efficiency: Spot weaknesses swiftly and avoid costly pitfalls that can cause less productivity, quality problems, and delays.

  • Continuous Improvement (CI): Build enduring partnerships with suppliers that value and understand the importance of CI.

  • Aggravation: Bypass suppliers who lack the technical competency you require, saving time and energy.

  • Risk: Leverage data-driven analysis to fortify your risk management and decision-making processes.

  • Cost: Measure and understand the real capacity and efficiency of your partners, their capability to improve, and potential impact on FOB cost.

  • Production Time / Delays: Improve lead times and avoid the costly process of restarting the entire sourcing, trial, and ramp-up process.