Who We Are

Impactiva is the trusted provider of quality and manufacturing solutions for the footwear, apparel, handbag and leather industry.

Impactiva is more than just  a service provider; we are a team of passionate individuals committed to making a positive difference and empowering manufacturing excellence in our industry. 

With over 20 years of experience, Impactiva takes great pride in embracing our clients, team members, and industry partners as cherished members of our extended family. 

Our primary emphasis lies in recognizing and prioritizing the immense value of the over 60 million Artisans who contribute to the production of our products. 

Why We are different

Our unique approach combines technical expertise with a focus on people, integrity and culture to drive lasting change in the industry. We work with factory leadership and Artisans to inspire them and ultimately improve the quality, speed, productivity, and flexibility of their shop floor, resulting in ever-increasing value for the end consumer.

Thanks to our team of experienced technicians who possess a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and procedures, Impactiva is committed to helping companies exceed their and maintain quality standards. 

By partnering with Impactiva, you will have the support of a team that is not only dedicated to excellence but is also committed to helping your business achieve its full potential.


We offer a range of services from on-site assessment audits and consulting to digital solutions that streamline processes and improve overall efficiency. Our suite of quality services is proven to help you achieve zero-defects, lower costs, and increase profits:


Additional Services

Vaēso is a Manufacturing Execution System powered by Impactiva’s more than two decades of knowledge, experience and know-how that established our industry’s best-in-class quality and factory Lean transformation services.

Our Impact

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Impactiva has a proven track record of success, and our clients have experienced firsthand the positive impact our solutions have had on their businesses. From increased production speed to better team collaborations, our solutions have a proven track record of success.


Learn from a few of our clients about the positive impact we had on their businesses.

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