Process Optimization Lean Transformation

Impactiva’s Factory Process Optimization Lean Transformation programs turn your factories and production chains into a competitive advantage by eliminating the inefficiency and waste that create delays, destroy profits, anger customers and cause long-term damage to your brand.

Lean Transformation:

Make it your mission to get your factories to produce +95% of their product Right from the start TM by significantly reducing costly in-line and pre-shipment rework. Reduce by up to 65% your manufacturing lead-times by getting your production chain to process your orders in weeks instead of months. Cut costs by double-digits as you engage factory leadership and all artisans to work smarter developing new values of accountability, discipline and transparency.

  • Factory Process Optimization Lean Assessment
  • Factory Process Optimization Lean Transformation
  • Leather End-to-End Management Program

Accreditation Programs:

Leverage Impactiva’s industry-leading technical expertise and knowledge of the footwear and apparel manufacturing environments to build robust accreditation programs by providing incentives to your factories and material vendors to continuously improve their performance. Help them set aggressive operational targets and teach them the value of using accurate data, metrics and key performance indicators to meet the increasing demands of today’s Consumers.

  • Tier-1 Factory Accreditation Programs
  • Tier-2 Material Vendor Accreditation Programs
  • Factory Mold Prevention Accreditation Programs

Production Chain Audits:

Our highly trained audit technicians conduct in-depth reviews and evaluations of your current and potential suppliers, then provide you with detailed reports on their capabilities, quality and reliability. These reports include scores for multiple categories, an overall rating, and a description of key issues for your consideration. You gain the knowledge you need to mitigate risk and make better informed decisions.

  • Factory Technical Audit
  • Factory Quality Management Systems Audit
  • Quality Control Inspector Audit
  • Tannery Chrome-Free Audit
  • Tannery Chrome VI Prevention Audit