Learning Institute

Your factories’ team members are not born with the knowledge of how to achieve a culture of zero defects. They must learn how to ensure the quality of every single unit they produce.

The Impactiva Learning Institute is a comprehensive education program that provides the resources you need to activate all of the team members in your production-chain ecosystem.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including “How to perform a final inspection”, “Calibrating what is a defect”, “How to measure a garment”, “Activating factory team members to a culture of zero defects” and many others.  The Impactiva Learning Institute empowers all Artisans in your ecosystem to strive for continuous improvement in their own work and in the quality, speed, flexibility and cost of all of your factories.


On-demand, self-directed and digitally-enabled learning delivered asynchronously to a participant’s computer, tablet or mobile device. There’s no instructor or classroom. Learners have complete control over time, place and pace. Learning materials can include eLearning courses, videos, eBooks, and infographics that are easy to view on any-size screen. Additionally, you can introduce gamification to motivate individuals to compete against each other within your sustainable production-chain ecosystem.


Learning is delivered in both traditional and virtual classrooms. You can choose a synchronous delivery model or a blended approach that includes both synchronous and asynchronous elements. 1:1 Artisan coaching is another option to reinforce learning.


Online learning is asynchronous and may use articles, videos, images, web links, messaging, and discussion forums to direct the learning process. Participants are grouped into cohorts that collaborate to build community, nurture creativity, build leadership talents, and encourage greater progress as they complete learning.


Learning happens within a community of users who discuss topics, share experiences, convey knowledge, and find solutions and inspiration. Learning is social, and iForum provides a way to support the natural capacity to learn non-stop.