About Us

We know that your customers are demanding quality products in real-time, making the need for continuous improvement, innovation and speed to market, greater than ever.

We design and deliver customized solutions that puts our smart boots on the ground, educating and activating your team, while analyzing critical data to facilitate improvements and transform your production chain

Our Team Members are experienced innovators who offer a unique combination of an engineering mindset with deep technical knowledge to revolutionize the way apparel and footwear products are manufactured.

We assure our Clients’ products are made Right from the start®. 

Our principle eight services are:

  • Footwear – Apparel QA-QC
  • Personal Protective Equipment QA – QC
  • Material QA
  • Factory Process Optimization
  • Learning Institute
  • Virus Readiness Audit
  • Mold Audits
  • Shop Floor Live Control


To empower industry with innovative, sustainable, hands-on solutions that lead to the delivery of true value to the world’s consumers.


To empower the lifestyle* industry with innovative, sustainable, hands-on solutions that lead to the delivery of true value to the world’s consumers

*Apparel, footwear, leather goods, outdoor gear, fabric, leather, etc.

The Partner for Major Brands Worldwide

Founded in 2003, Impactiva has been a partner of choice for major brands and retailers who are eager to improve their Supply-Chain. We impart lean manufacturing principles to optimize factories’ processes, provide on-site quality assurance and/or quality-control, and deliver significant improvements in efficiency, quality, flexibility and cost.

Our rigorous recruiting process and world-class learning centers in Chennai, India, and Dongguan, China attract the industry’s best, most ethical professionals. Impactiva Team Members provide our Clients with cost-saving, forward-thinking insights, a dedication to continuous improvement, and unmatched integrity, honesty and ethics.


Jose R. Suarez is our founder and the majority shareholder who has been in the leather, footwear and apparel industry since 1991. In 1999, he founded leatherXchange, a marketplace for the world of hides and leather. After selling leatherXchange in 2003, he purchased the company’s quality control division which served as the foundation for the creation of Impactiva.

Stanley Motta is a Panamanian business magnate presently Chairman of the Board of Copa Airlines (NYSE symbol CPA) one of Latin America’s highest rated carriers. He resides in Panama and owns companies in the import-export, banking, insurance, television and technology industries.