Handbags & Small Leather Goods Quality Assurance-Quality Control

At Impactiva, we understand the importance of delivering premium handbags and small leather goods that exceed customer expectations.

Our comprehensive quality assurance & quality control services for handbags and small leather goods offer a meticulous and systematic approach to ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of design, functionality, and longevity.

Our program results in:

+99.99% of Pieces Arriving without Claims to Factories

Why Choose Impactiva’s Quality Assurance-Quality Control Services?

Expertise: Our highly skilled technicians, with technical degrees and years of experience, undergo rigorous training to learn the inspection process the “Impactiva way.” We ensure continuous learning, training, and calibration of our team to deliver exceptional quality assurance and control services.

Customized & Flexible Solutions: We understand that each brand has its unique requirements and standards. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we can adapt to changes in your production processes quickly and efficiently. We work closely with you to develop customized solutions that align with your brand’s vision.

Comprehensive Inspections & Engineering Mindset: Our thorough inspection process, combined with our industrial engineering and Right from the Start™ modus operandi, covers all aspects of your products: material quality, hardware functionality, stitching, assembly, packaging, and more. This approach has been proven to exponentially improve quality, speed, productivity, and flexibility on the shop floor.

Timely Feedback & Continuous Improvement: We provide prompt, detailed feedback on any issues identified during inspections, enabling you to make necessary adjustments and improvements swiftly with our detailed Root Cause Analysis. Our commitment to excellence means we continuously review and update our processes and techniques to provide the most effective and efficient quality control services in the industry.

Ethics & Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity is at the core of our business. We have designed and implemented a 17-step process that ensures transparency, honesty, and accountability throughout our services.

Cost-Effective Quality: Our Quality Assurance-Quality Control services are designed to save you time and money without sacrificing quality. We inspect over 50% more pieces and spend 25% more time at a similar rate compared to industry standards. Our solutions help you reduce the Cost of Poor Quality by over 90%, virtually eliminate chargebacks, and maximize your return on investment.

Global Footprint: With a network of quality experts across the globe, Impactiva can support your business wherever you need it. Our presence in various regions enables us to provide seamless and consistent quality assurance and control services to help your brand thrive.

Our Processes & Procedures:

    • Raw Material Inspection: Our technicians examine the leather and other materials used in your products to ensure they meet your quality standards and are free from defects.


    • Hardware Inspection: We assess the quality and functionality of zippers, buckles, and other hardware components to ensure they are durable and perform as expected.


    • Stitching and Assembly Inspection: Our team meticulously checks the stitching and assembly of your handbags and small leather goods, ensuring that they are free from defects and meet your precise specifications.


    • Functionality Testing: We perform rigorous tests on your products to assess their functionality, durability, and ease of use, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance.


    • Packaging and Labeling Inspection: Our quality control experts verify that your products’ packaging and labeling are consistent with your guidelines and meet the required regulatory standards.


    • Final Random Inspection (FRI): Before your products leave the factory, we conduct a final random inspection to ensure that every item meets your established quality standards and is ready for shipment.


  • AQL Sampling: Our team utilizes the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) sampling method, ensuring that our inspections are statistically valid and representative of your entire production lot.