Handbags & Small Leather Goods QA-QC

At Impactiva, we understand the importance of delivering premium handbags and small leather goods that exceed customer expectations.

Our comprehensive quality assurance & quality control services for handbags and small leather goods offer a meticulous and systematic approach to ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of design, functionality, and longevity.

Our program results in:

+99.99% of Pieces Arriving without Claims to Factories

Why Choose Impactiva’s QA-QC Services?

1. Expertise: Our highly skilled team of leather technicians and quality control experts have years of experience in the handbag and small leather goods industry, ensuring that your products receive the utmost attention to detail and quality assurance.

2. Customized Solutions: We recognize that each brand has its unique requirements and standards. We work closely with you to develop customized quality control solutions tailored to your specific needs.

3. Comprehensive Inspections: Our thorough inspection process covers all aspects of your products, from material quality and hardware functionality to stitching, assembly, and packaging.

4. Timely Feedback: We provide prompt and detailed feedback on any issues we identify during the inspection process, allowing you to make necessary adjustments and improvements in a timely manner.

5. Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to excellence means that we continuously review and update our processes and techniques to ensure we provide the most effective and efficient quality control services in the industry.

Our Processes & Procedures:

  • Raw Material Inspection: Our technicians examine the leather and other materials used in your products to ensure they meet your quality standards and are free from defects.

  • Hardware Inspection: We assess the quality and functionality of zippers, buckles, and other hardware components to ensure they are durable and perform as expected.

  • Stitching and Assembly Inspection: Our team meticulously checks the stitching and assembly of your handbags and small leather goods, ensuring that they are free from defects and meet your precise specifications.

  • Functionality Testing: We perform rigorous tests on your products to assess their functionality, durability, and ease of use, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance.

  • Packaging and Labeling Inspection: Our quality control experts verify that your products’ packaging and labeling are consistent with your brand’s guidelines and meet the required regulatory standards.

  • Final Random Inspection (FRI): Before your products leave the factory, we conduct a final random inspection to ensure that every item meets your established quality standards and is ready for shipment.

  • AQL Sampling: Our team utilizes the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) sampling method, ensuring that our inspections are statistically valid and representative of your entire production lot.