Leather Quality Assurance

Since 2003, Impactiva has been successfully operating the world’s only global leather quality assurance service.

Focus is first on accurately defining your standards so that all stakeholders are aligned Right from the startTM. Impactiva Technicians are then assigned to each tannery to ensure that those standards are met on each and every hide-skin that is shipped.

Leather then arrives at the factory separated by article, color, shade and grade saving up to 17 days of leather lead-time as it goes directly to cutting.

Our program results in:

+$0.20 per sq. / ft. Savings

+99.6% sq. / ft. Defect-Free

+6% Cutting Yield Improvement


We work with you, the tannery and the factory to ensure Right from the start quality within your leather ecosystem

Processes & Procedures:

We prepare a customized Processes & Procedures book that helps all parties (tannery, factory, brand and Impactiva) achieve alignment on your Leather QA Program