Leather Quality Assurance

Impactiva has been delivering Leather Quality Assurance services since 2003, with hundreds of millions of square feet inspected, color sorted, graded, and sent directly to cutting.

Our approach ensures stakeholder alignment, clear standards, and a deep understanding of leather article applicability per SKU, thanks to our “Right from the StartTM” engineering approach.

By reducing lead time and minimizing management drain, we offer our customers substantial cost savings and a competitive edge.

Our program results in:

+$0.25 per sq. / ft. Savings

+99.7% sq. / ft. Defect-Free

+6% Cutting Yield Improvement

Our Comprehensive Services Include

Establishing Standards:
We focus on clearly outlining and defining quality standards. This proactive approach helps prevent discrepancies and ensures that only the leather that meets your expectations is used in the production process.

Building Consensus among Stakeholders:
Our team works tirelessly to ensure that all stakeholders reach a common understanding of the established standards, facilitating effective communication and seamless operations.

Professional Inspection at Tannery:
Our trained Impactiva Technicians are stationed at each tannery to verify adherence to the established quality standards for each hide or skin being shipped.

After-Sales Support at Factory Site:
We provide dedicated after-sales support at the factory site, resolving any potential issues and facilitating smooth operations.

Direct to Cutting Support for Factories:
By ensuring that the leather is appropriately segregated and prepared before it arrives, the leather flows directly to cutting, eliminating unnecessary delays.

Fact-based Claims Investigation:
We conduct in-depth root cause analysis and devise corrective and preventive action plans to handle any claims or concerns, ensuring continuous improvement of your leather supply chain.

Distinctive Features of Impactiva’s Leather Quality Assurance Service

Impactiva’s Leather Quality Assurance Service distinctive approach sets us apart and ensures quality, efficiency, and a high return on investment. Here’s how we do it:

Right from the Start™ Savings:
By getting it right from the very beginning, we can save you more than $0.20 per sq. ft. Our proactive approach prevents expensive mistakes and unnecessary rework down the line, maximizing your return on investment.

Standards Definition:
We understand the critical importance of setting accurate leather characteristics and maximum color deviations from the outset. Our comprehensive approach saves time and resources in the long run by reducing potential errors and quality concerns.

Standards Review:
Our robust system of Leather Confirmation Swatches, Color Windows, and Range Swatches ensures the consistency of the finished product, adding another layer of quality control to the process.

Trimming Knowledge:
Compliance to strict trimming standards and the percentage of contracted clean area shipped are vital to cost-effectiveness. Our expertise ensures that these standards are not just met but consistently adhered to, driving significant savings for our clients.

Cutting Yield Expertise:
We believe in nurturing the tannery-factory relationship and enhancing mutual understanding. We clarify concepts like the difference between % Clean Area and % Cutting Yield, empowering stakeholders and improving overall efficiency.

Grading Compliance:
With our automatic per shipment and monthly grading compensation, both the tannery and factory can accept our comprehensive grading solution. This automated process ensures consistent adherence to quality standards, saving both time and resources.

The Impactiva Difference

Impactiva stands out with its Leather QA service which goes beyond conventional quality assurance protocols. We bring together a team with extensive experience, industry insights, and an unwavering dedication to quality.

Our commitment to maintaining open communication and providing transparency at every stage of the process sets us apart. With a relentless focus on continuous improvement and excellence we are your reliable partner in achieving superior leather quality.