When Quality Control is not enough – Case #03

June 23, 2017


This is the last blog of this series for the time being, with real photos taken at final QC inspections of different styles, clients and factories. We will show aesthetic and functional defects, and sloppy rework attempts.

The purpose is to show that when this kind of defects make it all the way to the final QC stage, there is an urgent need to shift from Quality Control to Quality Assurance. This means to focus on quality all the time the product is being manufactured to elevate the outgoing quality, instead of just controlling the result when it is time to ship the goods.

Quality pays for itself. If we calculate the materials, labour, energy and time wasted in producing these shoes that are completely un-shippable, is clear why we say that Quality is free.

Ftwr QA vs QC case 03 pic 1

Ftwr QA vs QC case 03 pic 2

Ftwr QA vs QC case 03 pic 3

Ftwr QA vs QC case 03 pic 4