Varying back height and staples in the insole – Case #029

September 28, 2012


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Practical solutions to problems encountered in the manufacturing process that demonstrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce their products Right from the Start TM.

Problem # 1: nails were used to maintain the back height during lasting operation, but the back of the shoe height was varying.
Problem #2: staples were used to attach the insole during lasting operation; this is dangerous because if they are not removed, it can hurt the foot of the wearer.

Impactiva Solution:

Problem #1: we got the factory to:
    a) Fix a thick board above the back height on the production lasts , so that the border of the upper hits the board consequently being unable to more upwards
    b) Use the Counter molding machine that has a flanging device to perform the lasting margin before the lasting operation (The flanging device presets the lasting margin and back height on the upper so that it can be mounted properly on the last; a uniform lasting margin should be given for proper bonding of upper and outsole).

Problem #2: we got the factory to fix studs on the lasts bottom profile to attach the insole.

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