Training Seminar for Impactiva Footwear Technicians

May 6, 2015


In Impactiva we believe in continuous learning. We prepare learning and training opportunities throughout the year for our Team Members to participate.

This time we want to share some pictures of a one day technical seminar to train Footwear technicians on Problem Solving Skills and Root Cause Analysis.

We took the opportunity to also review the Footwear Business Unit past season performance, share learning from past mistakes and brainstorm about improvements and new processes.

We conducted these workshops in Putien, Wenzhou, Dongguan (China) and Chennai (India).

Seminar in Wenzhou:

Footwear Seminar Wenzhou 2

Footwear Seminar Wenzhou 5

Footwear Seminar Wenzhou 6

Footwear Seminar Wenzhou 15

Footwear Seminar Wenzhou 12

Seminar in Chennai:

Footwear Seminar Chennai 1

Footwear Seminar Chennai 4

Footwear Seminar Chennai 6


Seminar in Putien:

Footwear Seminar Putien 3

Footwear Seminar Putien 10

Footwear Seminar Putien 4