Survival of the fittest – Lean Transformation

October 7, 2013


By Tiger Huang

Do you want to change something for yourself or your organization? If your answer is “NO”, maybe I should share with you the following truth from Charles Darwin:  “It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Why do we need to change? Because of the changing environment and client’s demands (client refers not only to the traditionally-defined “external customer”, but also to the next process following you – your “ internal customer”). We all need to survive. Furthermore, have a longer and better life.

Sometimes the business owners ask me what they should change. I always reply with several questions like the ones below:

  1. Do you think that your clients are satisfied with your quality (Higher quality)?
  2. Are you happy with your current profits (Lower cost)?
  3. Do you want to shorten Lead time for your products or services (Improved lead time)?
  4. Would you like to further adapt to external changes in the market and your client accounts (Increased flexibility)?
  5. Do you have a great team or leadership properly suited to quickly solve problems (Mutual trust and cultural respect)?

If you try to improve one or more of the business capabilities mentioned above, please contact us immediately since Impactiva has already developed a systematic Lean Transformation Program which can help you overcome these challenges and achieve greater performance.