Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control

April 13, 2011


Quality assurance and quality control don’t necessarily rival each other. Better yet, quality assurance is the next step, far beyond quality control, that assures that your processes are functioning at the highest level possible with no errors. This is possible because QA gets involved from square one of your process which leaves organizations and consumers of your products with expectations that have been far exceeded.

Impactiva does quality control but we are world-renowned for our quality assurance services. So many executives, organization leaders and managers ask, what’s the difference?

Well, it has to do with the overall level of involvement from the very first point of the processes in your organization. Basically, there are thousands of companies that say they do effective quality control and that that is the best service provided on the market. That couldn’t be more untrue and it makes the argument of which one QA or QC is better that much easier to determine.

You see, quality control in most cases is based upon coming in at the end of a process and examining and coordinating how the process could have been better and why it was or wasn’t a complete success. The problem is, if you wait until the end to notice that you have some errors or problems than you have wasted time, resources, energy and profit because you didn’t diagnose the issues up front.

That’s where quality assurance comes in. Impactiva will come in and inspect all of the elements and materials in your production process from the very beginning. This ensures that adjustments and tweaks can be done before production takes place so that you don’t lose time, resources and profit.

Doesn’t this make sense?

So, when you look at the title for this blog post it really isn’t a matter of QA vs. QC, it is more a representation of how quality assurance surpasses all forms of quality control and allows your organization to exceed expectations because your processes have been tweaked before time, energy and money have been wasted.

Do you have an example of when quality assurance or quality control saved you time, energy, resources and even better, profit? Post your responses in the comments section below.