Produce Right the First Time

April 7, 2011


Think about it — I know it’s your goal. By supporting your suppliers and helping them produce right the first time you are opening up a tidal wave of benefits ranging from: reduced risks, increased / exploding revenues and an overall lower cost. I’m sure you are thinking, this sounds great but is it true?

The answer is YES!

Let’s start with the benefits. I’m going to continue to drive home the phrase “produce right the first time” all through out this post because by producing right the first time you are dramatically improving your on-time delivery. This is reachable because the quality assurance service will detect defective materials sooner allowing for shoes to be produced right the FIRST TIME!

Building on the benefit theme, your organization will see an increase in revenues because our footwear quality assurance services allow our customers to achieve “Best-of-World” quality which dramatically differentiates them from their competition. Our customers are gloating over the fact that they are finally avoiding lost sales from unhappy customers because they are finally producing a product that has top notch quality. Thus, producing quality products the first time allows all members of your leadership team to concentrate their efforts on product development, sourcing and costing!

Are you starting to believe?

I sure hope so. I can not put enough emphasis on the importance of doing things right the first time and as you can see you really can’t afford not to. Our Service Commitment clearly defines that 100% of our customers are fully satisfied beyond their HIGHEST expectations. This would be very difficult to commit to if we didn’t produce significant results for all of our customers.

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