Mold in apparel, a catastrophe that can be prevented.

March 12, 2014


One of the most serious evils affecting the apparel industry over the past years has been the destruction in economic value created by moldy product arriving at destination. The cost to the industry is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars!

If moisture contaminated with mold accumulated on your product during production or during the course of its shipment, it will be covered with mold when it arrives. It can cost more than US$10 per item to clean a moldy garment (pickup and re-delivery freight costs, distribution handling costs, rework-cleaning charges, etc.) plus the enormous losses related to delivery delaysOr even worse, the product is permanently damaged dramatically affecting your bottom line and your brand equity.

Garment With Mold

With Impactiva’s Mold Prevention Program, a highly trained mold quality assurance technician will visit each of your factories more than 20 times per year to perform a comprehensive mold prevention audit. Each mold audit will yield a detailed report with remedial actions to be taken. We’ll also organize a meeting with factory senior management to present the results and recommendations, review actions taken since the last visit, and secure a commitment for corrective actions. The result: quick identification and long-term remediation of issues.

As the world’s leading quality assurance company in the footwear, apparel, leathergoods and outdoor gear industries, Impactiva brings an unmatched level of expertise to each mold prevention audit. Our technicians understand the many ways mold can infest your factories and products, as well as the havoc it can wreak on warehouses and retail locations. Their knowledge will help you eliminate mold-related issues, saving you valuable time, frustration and resources.