Looper Thread Visible – Case #658

September 26, 2023


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Practical solutions to problems encountered in the manufacturing process that demonstrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce Right from the Start TM.

Looper (bobbin) thread visible on waistband top side.


Impactiva Solution:
Impactiva has identified the said issue and recommended the below technical suggestions. Impactiva has worked along with the factory and improved it.

(1) Needle: Groz Beckert – SAN® 10 – XS Ball point needle is used.
(2) Machine setting: Needle / looper / thread tension is adjusted according to the base fabrics / thickness of waistband layers.


Advantages / Benefits:
(1) Aesthetic look / workmanship of bulk garments improved.
(2) Averted rejection / re-work.

Stay tuned for more Impactiva technical solutions to every day production problems.