Lean Transformation to eliminate waste and increase value

April 7, 2014


Are your factories producing best-in-class quality, at a cost 30% lower than the current industry benchmark, with +99% delivery in only 60 days? Impactiva’s Lean Manufacturing Program allows you to eliminate non-value added activities which generate waste in labor, material, time, and capital.

Cutting costs

The elimination of the costs disguised as excess inventory, rejections, manufacturing lead-time, floor space, production and processing will result in a significant reduction in the use of valuable resources.

Generating more quality output with less resources and costs in the key to success in today’s competitive environment, as well as a major contribution to your corporate environmental and sustainability efforts.

Impactiva’s Lean specialists will work with you to establish, implement and maintain a Lean production system at each of your factories that removes waste while increasing quality, productivity, on-time delivery, flexibility and manufacturing capacity.

Experience and expertise

As the world’s leading quality assurance company in the footwear, apparel, leather goods and outdoor gear industries, Impactiva brings an unmatched team of industry focused Lean experts that will quickly turn around your factories’ operations helping you to save from the first day with a return on investment superior to 200%!

Continuous improvement

To safeguard the continued success of our Lean Transformation Programs, we provide learning seminars and one-on-one coaching to the leaders of each factory thus ensuring continuous improvement far into the future.