Lean Transformation – a footwear manufacturing case

November 29, 2016


“What do you mean by Optimization?”. Easy to understand real examples of how we helped factories optimize manufacturing processes.

Context: men’s high end leather shoes factory looking to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Duration: 6 months from the assessment to the conclusion of the project.

We redesigned the factory layout with Lean concepts, using the right combination of man-machine-method. We balanced the line according to Takt* time. We implemented KPIs and a Quality measurement system. During the whole process we trained the workers in special technical skills as well as in Lean basics so that they understood the reasons for the changes introduced. We also conducted a Change Leadership Coaching program for the factory management, essential for the sustainability of the optimization system into the future.

*In this case, average production time to produce a pair of shoes


case 002 PO pic 1 impactiva lean manufacturing

Machines being moved during the layout change



38% more shoes with 29% less human resources. 93% of increment in efficiency. 5% increase in the “Right-the-first-time” rate, meaning 5% less reworks.

The factory obtained six-digit amount of savings and the return of their investment in Impactiva’s fees was 5 months.

case 002 PO pic 2 impactiva lean manufacturing


The factory production manager said: “There is a noticeable change in the Team Members skills as well as in their mind set”.

Stay tuned for more Impactiva optimization solutions.