Lean: cutting costs by eliminating waste!

September 11, 2013


By Indrajeet Patil

How much waste does your organization produce?

For example, do you ever have to wait for someone else to finish a task before you can get on with your own work? Do you have a large inventory of unsold stock? Do you have more workstations than you need? Or do you order materials months in advance of when they are needed?

How about flexibility? If consumers want a modification / change to your product, can you quickly change your processes to meet their needs? Do you have frequent over time?

Waste costs money to you and your customer. And if your customers have to pay more because of it, they might go elsewhere. Being competitive also requires a lot of flexibility. You must be able to meet the changing demands of your customers quickly and effectively, and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

So, how can you reduce waste and do things more efficiently? And how can you keep up with the changing demands of consumers?

Add more machines or add more people???

No wonder this is the answer you get from most of the non-lean organizations. Time has come to think about transforming them into organizations where people think Lean (produce more with available resources).

First mentioned in James Womack’s 1990 book, “The Machine That Changed the World,” Lean Manufacturing is a system that can help you to simplify and organize your working environment so that you can reduce waste and keep your people, equipment and workspace responsive to what’s needed right now.

Impactiva has designed a customized Lean Transformation program which will help Footwear, Materials & Apparel industries to begin their Lean journey by eliminating waste, and thus achieve quality production and world class performance.

So if you are ready to begin your Lean journey….then contact us now !