Insecure snap buttons attachment – Case #025

September 14, 2012


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Practical solutions to problems encountered in the manufacturing process that demonstrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce their products Right from the Start TM.

Problem:  Snap buttons attachment found insecure, resulting in the buttons rotating and falling off from the garment.

Impactiva Solution: Impactiva recommended and insisted to all the parties involved to use a pneumatic snap button attaching machine to achieve an adequate and uniform pressure while fixing the snap buttons. By using this machine, the snaps are fixed securely in the garment, preventing them from rotating or falling off. Moreover, the productivity of the snap fixing operation is dramatically increased in approximately 60%! The initial punching operation is also done on this machine, consequently improving the quality of the punching operation as well.

The factory is satisfied with the results in terms of quality and productivity improvements.

Stay tuned for more Impactiva technical solutions to every day production problems.