Inconsistency in men’s pants pockets placement – Case #012

July 11, 2012


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Inconsistency in men’s pants back and coin pockets placement.

Problems found:

Back pocket: difficulties to achieve the correct placement in small sizes (distance from center back seam to the pocket).
Coin pockets: uneven placement from size to size (distance from the side seam to the coin pocket). Coin pockets were not visible in the bigger sizes.

 Size 28

 Size 34

Side seam to pocket edge

Coin pocket distance from side seam differs if the coin pocket width is the same for all sizes.


Impactiva Solution:       

Back pocket: we recommended applying a grading scale for smaller sizes in order to establish the correct placement of the back pocket regarding the distance from the center back seam to the edge of the pocket.

Coin pocket: we recommended applying a grading scale to set the width of the coin pocket for the different sizes of pant.

Back pocket: even distance from side seam

Coin pocket placement: even distance from side seam.

With these changes we managed to improve the esthetic look of the garment as well as avoiding rework at later stages.

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