Impactiva New Service Announcement – Lean Manufacturing Transformation

March 28, 2013


The objective of this Service is to assist factories, using LEAN methodology and tools, to substantially improve quality, productivity and on-time delivery, while reducing manufacturing lead times, floor space and work-in-process inventory. Impactiva’s Lean Manufacturing Transformation Service aims at creating a culture of continuous improvement from factory leadership down to the operators on the shop floor. The Service will harness the creativity and accountability of every individual involved in the manufacturing process.

Impactiva will perform an assessment of the current situation in each factory, design a future state and with the assistance of factory team members, execute a series of projects to transform the operation. Each project will have a clearly defined objective and a minimum of 2:1 return on investment.

Please contact Impactiva’s Sales Team at to answer any questions you may have about Impactiva’s LEAN Manufacturing Transformation Service and to request your customized proposal.