The Importance of Flexibility (Part III of III)

July 14, 2018



Regarding training, what training should a new sewing worker receive? How long should it last?


For a sewing operator with no experience, the minimum training time should be three weeks in an off-line training area, then two weeks of on-line experience and two weeks of aftercare experience.

The first two weeks should be dedicated to learning about the mechanical aspects of the machine and mastering one’s eye, hand, and feet coordination, allowing them to operate and be in full control of the machine during the sewing process. During this time, the trainee operator should practice constant sewing speed tests, such as:

  • Pick up
  • Position to needle
  • Sew a line or shape
  • Stop and back tack
  • Review one’s quality of sewing
  • Place aside

These exercises should be daily and continuous, with the goal being to get the trainee performing consistently above 80 percent efficiency against test-timing targets.