Eliminating Waste Series – Labor and Materials

October 13, 2017


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. What do we mean when we talk about eliminating waste? These are real pictures taken during different process optimization projects that illustrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce more efficiently.

Type of waste: reworks mean waste in labor and materials to repair or to replace rejects if they can’t be fixed. If the product was already packed, there is an additional waste of packing materials. It negatively impacts lead-times. If the shipment date is too close sometimes the rework will have to be done in overtime. If this is a usual view of your factory, there are huge opportunities for improvement.

Rework of finished and packed product:

impactiva process optimization footwear

case 004 PO pic 2 impactiva lean manufacturing

case 004 PO pic 3 impactiva lean manufacturing


Reworks in-line:

case 004 PO pic 4 impactiva lean manufacturing

impactiva process optimization footwear

Stay tuned for more Impactiva optimization solutions.