A more sophisticated Final Shipment QC

May 30, 2014


You can turn your QC costs from a fixed to a variable expense, relieving you from the stress of meeting monthly operating payments. You can also eliminate the need of spending valuable resources on recruiting, training, coaching and supervising your own QC Team. You can forget about the disruptions caused by the departure of key members of your team. Furthermore, you can have the option of quickly deploying trustworthy industry specific QC professionals when you discover suppliers in lower cost regions or countries. How? With Impactiva’s assistance!

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Why is IMPACTIVA different?

No corruption

Impactiva has zero tolerance for corruption and thus is proud to offer the apparel industry a final shipment QC service which is unique in that it is corruption free!  How do we do it? Via a six step process of checks and balances and duplicate controls that ensure that you get the quality of service you need for the success of your business.


Definition of standards

This process is one of the pillars of Impactiva’s leading-edge apparel quality control system. We work with you to help you define the rules of the game of your Apparel QC Program so that all parties in your supply chain know how to operate. These rules of the game are converted into a document called your Process and Procedure Book.

Before each season begins, Impactiva will work with your development team to understand the key concerns with respect to each style to be produced. These are turned into a spec sheet which along with pre-production samples comprise the standards for each style.


More strict control

In our final shipment inspections we perform a tightened level III AQL (instead of the regular normal level II AQL), using Impactiva’s leading-edge methodology. Critical tests, important tests, measurement audit and optical-feel inspections are performed daily on all completed apparel orders to ensure that what is shipped fulfills your quality standards. Rejected lots are reworked 100% by the supplier for identified defects. After the shipment we provide an Excel based report for every production lot.