Shop Floor Live Control

Our industry is undergoing a major shift towards digital commerce. The need for speed, agility, quality, visibility and sustainably sourced products has never been greater.

Real-time visibility to WIP, order status and capacity usage-availability provides you with the insights needed to effectively manage your demand chain especially in times of major disruptions.

You may not be able to be in your factories, but Vaēso, Shop Floor Live Control will ALWAYS be there.

Vaēso’s technology is powered by Impactiva’s 17 years of knowledge, experience and know-how that created the industry’s best-in-class quality and LEAN process optimization principles.

By engaging factory Artisans with Change Management tools, Vaēso activates new behaviors and habits that instill the values of accountability and discipline, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Brands, Retailers and Factory key stakeholders can access data from anywhere in the world​, enabling visibility and building long-term strategic partnerships.​