Rough component edges – Case #164

December 20, 2013


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Practical solutions to problems encountered in the manufacturing process that demonstrate how we assist our customers’ factories to produce Right from the Start TM.

Problem: the edges of cut upper components are not smooth as the surface of the cutting board is not planed regularly.

case 164 pic 1 impactiva footwear qa case 164 pic 2 impactiva footwear qa

Impactiva solution: we developed a systematic way of planning the board so that the factory does not forget to do it.

1. Paint the four corners of both the sides of the cutting board with four different colors (the same color for the two opposite corners)

2. Use only one side of board each day (the two corners that have the same color)

3. Display a color chart with the date and corresponding side to be used for cutting

4. Plane the board after all four sides are used

case 164 pic 3 impactiva footwear qa case 164 pic 4 impactiva footwear qa case 164 pic 5 impactiva footwear qa


Stay tuned for more Impactiva technical solutions to every day production problems.