New Service Announcement – Supplier Technical Audit

February 14, 2013


The objective of this service is to use Impactiva’s expertise to assist our customers to acquire deeper knowledge of the technical capability and reliability of their existing or potential manufacturing partners. This service is available for leather, footwear, apparel, leather goods and other cut & sews products.

The audit and the corresponding evaluation will help a customer to:

  • Avoid 3 to 4 seasons of delay by starting with a non-performing supplier
  • Eliminate the frustration of working with technically incompetent suppliers
  • Decrease the risk of having quality problems that will affect your brand, image and profits
  • Reduce the loss of valuable management time in dealing with ineffective suppliers

Upon request, a qualified Impactiva Technician will visit each of the manufacturing locations the customer wishes to assess and will perform an audit and evaluation based on fifteen categories with more than 150 specific criteria.

After each audit, Impactiva’s Technician will send a report which highlights the factories strengths and weaknesses and give an overall rating. Please contact Impactiva’s Sales Team at to answer any questions you may have or to prepare a customized proposal.