Apparel: the importance of performing materials QC before starting production

September 5, 2014


One of the keys to avoiding waste of materials, time, labour and resources in the production of garments is to execute a rigorous check of the materials before starting the manufacturing process. It is very sad to see apparel rejected at final shipment QC for material failures that could have been detected before the start of the production.

Things like a defective zipper, malfunctioning snaps, or the shade variation of the components will cause rejections and reworks at a later stage.

Impactiva apparel garment QA QC defective zipper Impactiva apparel garment QA QC shade variation Impactiva apparel garment QA QC shade variation2

This is why at Impactiva we offer a comprehensive service that starts with materials QC. We get all the specifications from the client, determine a sample size for random inspection and QC all the materials involved before approving them for production. Moreover, we have the factories store the approved materials separated from the rest of the materials in the warehouse.

The materials QC process includes manual tests that mimic actual laboratory tests. Our techs do these tests to assess the compliance of the materials to the different requirements. If they have any doubt, they send the materials to be tested in a Lab. These tests include rub fastness, tearing strength, zippers, buttons, and snaps functionality, just to name a few.

Impactiva apparel garment QA QC rub fastness on fabric

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