Digital Systems

The rise of global eDeliveries requires you to produce the highest-quality goods faster than ever. But there is absolutely no margin for error. Defective products that reach consumers’ homes damage your bottom line and reputation.

Impactiva’s digital systems are the catalyst for a factory’s digital transformation, and the key to achieving a culture of accountability, discipline and transparency. Empower your production ecosystem to always strive for continuous improvement and deliver quality products Right from the start™.

Digital Quality App:

The Impactiva Digital Quality App places the power of Impactiva’s digital solution at your QA-QC teams’ fingertips. The intuitive user interface, accessible on either the desktop or a tablet, provides easy access to the advanced data analytics they need to anticipate and correct defects before they occur.

Stop reacting to costly defects and production delays. Prevent them.

Shop Floor Live Control:

Impactiva’s Shop Floor Live Control solution eliminates manual processes and ineffective quality controls that lead to excess inventory, longer manufacturing lead-times, and reoccurring product defects.

Your QA-QC teams gain access to the data they need to prevent repetitive defects in real-time and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Establish the highest-possible levels of accountability, discipline and transparency for your factory leadership and artisans:

  • QC Gatekeeper
  • Artisan Quality
  • Artisan Skills
  • Downtime Reduction
  • Change management
  • Productivity