Digital Production-Chain Management

Reducing the high costs that poor quality has on your organization requires more than just a short-term
remedy. The combination of Impactiva’s world class solutions and expertise help you build and maintain
a 3S eDemand-Chain that delivers permanent Stability, Self-Reliability and Sustainability across your entire production-chain.

Smart Boots QA-QC:

Impactiva Team Members are your “Smart Boots on the Ground.” They leverage 8 key elements to transform your production chain, engage your ecosystem, and drive innovation across all of your production operations:

  • Risk Management
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Get Ready
  • In-Process QA
  • Final Shipment QC
  • Validation
  • Order Status
  • Supply-Chain Management System (SCM)

Impactiva’s Smart Boots QA-QC enables you to achieve Quality Stability today and tomorrow.

Quality Factory Accreditation Program:

A 100-day Quality Factory Accreditation Program for your strategic factories begins with a thorough end to-end quality assessment. With the goal of beginning a journey to zero-defects, Impactiva:

  • Performs defect calibration with all QC Gatekeepers
  • Reviews the methodology used by all final shipment QC inspectors
  • Implements technical improvements that impact quality department by department
  • Institutes artisan Check-Do-Check

With the help of the discipline, accountability and transparency brought about by the deployment of Impactiva’s QC Gatekeeper SaaS digital system, factory leadership and you will have instant visibility on the quality being produced on the shop floor.

The Impactiva Quality FAP Program engages and motivates the entire factory floor to strive for continuous improvement and empowers your factories to become quality Self-Reliable.

Process Optimization Transformation

Our experts begin with a Process Optimization assessment that identifies the opportunities in each factory to embark on a journey of continuous improvement and innovation with the goal of achieving double-digit reductions in defects, lead-time and costs as well as a significant increase in flexibility.

Via change management techniques, we help factory leadership to execute new behaviors which translate into sustainable habits that instill the values of accountability, discipline and transparency, ultimately creating a new leading-edge manufacturing culture. We achieve this by focusing 70% of our efforts on transforming factory leadership, the key to achieving a Sustainable eDemand-Chain.